Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sarong SD9 Vertical Single Film Roll For Sale

Used-Sarong Single Film Roll Vertical Thermoform
The Sarong SD 9 is a vertical form film and seal machine which can produce containers for liquid, semi-liquid and solid products starting from one or two reels of plastic material. The final container can be either stand-up or standard by the simple and fast substitution of the film feeding and unwinding group. Developed to support different plastic materials either with mono or multi-layer structure, the SD 9 thermoforms a unique band with a pitch of 160 mm and a maximum height of 150 mm.

Alternative motions from the Sarong SD 9 carries the unique band from the beginning to the end of packaging process going through thermoforming group to the filling system, then to the sealing, coding and cutting groups. The dosing system supports up to three sets of pumps.
After the sealing the band is ready for the pre-cutting, perforation and the final cutting operations.  It is possible to have a registered printing on one side, if using two reels of plastic material, of a registered printing on both sides, if using just one reel. It is also possible to have 3 layers of materials, to produce 2-compartment packs with 2 different products inside.  All the functions of the Sarong SD 9 are constantly controlled by a PLC which allows the operator, through a touch panel, to make any necessary setting; it gives also the chance to store and recall any different setting related to a particular production.

Systems Details:

• 600 Hours
• Machine type: Single film roll vertical thermoform / liquid fill / seal 
• Machine speed: 20-30 cycles/min (3600 – 10,000+ parts/hr depending on tooling)
• Tooling available: 7.5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml & 60 ml
• Make: Sarong
• Model: SD-9
• Year: 2004
• Power: 480V/3 Ph/60Hz

Machine features:
• Siemens touch panel / plc controlled                                       
• Stainless product contact
• Coding station and dies
• Filling pump with (9) fill heads
• Using a die cutter, machine has the ability to singulate units or run a string of attached multiple
  units (up to 30 attached units).
• Vacuum to remove die cut remnants.
• Nitrogen flush option
• Ink Jet Printer integration (printer not included).
• Labeler module – allows for application of labels on one side of unit